Having problems with slugs and snails

Are your plants being eaten?

Are you despairing as you don’t want to use a pesticide to get rid of slugs and snails?

The answer is quite simple really as there hasn’t been any slugs or snails in the garden for the last couple of years, the reason for this is, down to eggshells and a lovely plant called Nemesia,

Nemesia is a lovely plant that can be bought from any Garden Centre or supermarket and placed either in a border or shade. The colours and varieties are varied and are seen in most magazines. I would recommend the  Framboise, it is a lovely colour, there is also a variety called Berries and Cream, plus Wisley Vanilla.

The fragrance from the Nemesia attracts the slugs and snails, but won’t ham them.

You may think that putting eggshells may well be a old wives tale but I beg to differ as once again, there aren’t any slugs or snails in the garden, so it must be true.

If you have any other ideas for getting rid of slugs or snails, please let me know as I will take it on board


Author: Amanda

I have multiple allergies, including dairy/soya which are acute, as are palm and rapeseed oil, also lactose. It makes like interesting

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