A Rose, by any other name

There are so many lovely named Roses to add to your garden, the one shown is called Lots of Love, it is a vibrant red/orange in colour, with a yellow centre and what a lovely gift for a parent and not expensive at all.

Ruby Wedding- is another red variety of rose, the colour is a deep, velvet red and grows to about 3 foot and comes year after year

Amanda – Is a lemon yellow in colour and new to the border and will keep you up to date with its progress during the summer months.

One I must mention is a rose called Charles – it is a red/violet in colour and has a rich and deepness of colour and is certainly talk of the neighbours

The newest rose in the garden is a rose called Kent, which is a ground cover, it is lightly scented and flourishes during the hot weather and inclement.

You can buy the County Roses at Wyevale Garden Centre, as there are so many to choose from, plus there ate the famous David Austin Roses as well, so much choic

There are others to mention, but that will be in a future post.

Roses are not difficult to grow or expensive and should flower within the first year of planting, the only proviso is that during the summer months, remember to dead head as that will encourage more flowers and will flourish into Autumn if not Winter


Author: Amanda

I have multiple allergies, including dairy/soya which are acute, as are palm and rapeseed oil, also lactose. It makes like interesting

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