Shades of Amanda – Rose

When buying a named rose for the border or back garden, you would think that it might stay as the colour purchased.

This is the case in question with the Amanda rose, it is supposed to be pure yellow in colour, however, due to he soil conditions, it now goes from a sunshine yellow, then to a orange and lemon in colour and finally the edges go to an autumnal red.

I’ll try to find a better picture of the rose to post, as this is highly unusual for a rose and none of the others in the border or anywhere else in the garden have dramatically changed colour, I’m thrilled as this was only planted in the garden last year as a bare root stock and never envisaged it flowering so well.

Roses van be purchased off the internet from such reputable companies as Style Roses, whom I’ve had dealing with for many years and have had no problems at all. Plus Wyevale Garden Centre as they stock a whole manor of different roses, whether it be a standard, or ground cover, the choice is endless and th rewards are beneficial to all concerned.


Author: Amanda

I have multiple allergies, including dairy/soya which are acute, as are palm and rapeseed oil, also lactose. It makes like interesting

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