What would you plant in your hanging basket?

What would you grow in a hanging basket?
Would you follow the local supermarket and put in similar plants?
Or would you be brave enough to be different and add plants and bulbs so that the basket doesn’t have to be changed during the year.

Me personally, I would plant in lots of spring bulbs in one basket and then during the year, add antirrhinums for height and pansies for colour, plus trailing begonia’s.

In a second basket, I would plant 2 tumbling tomatoes, a red, a yellow, these are then sheltered and produce a vast quantity of tomatoes which can be used for a whole manor of lovely things, including passata, chutney, etc

In a third basket, I would plant strawberries to give maximum impact, picking fresh strawberries during the summer months, is an absolute must, plus it is cheaper than buying them from the supermarkets, although I would suggest getting them from your local Farmers markets to support them

I’d like to know what you would plant in your hanging basket as the possibilities are endless, they can be added to each year

Be bold with flowers or bulbs and try something different, don’t follow the crowd, be you and plant what you feel is right for you