Shades of Amanda – Rose

When buying a named rose for the border or back garden, you would think that it might stay as the colour purchased.

This is the case in question with the Amanda rose, it is supposed to be pure yellow in colour, however, due to he soil conditions, it now goes from a sunshine yellow, then to a orange and lemon in colour and finally the edges go to an autumnal red.

I’ll try to find a better picture of the rose to post, as this is highly unusual for a rose and none of the others in the border or anywhere else in the garden have dramatically changed colour, I’m thrilled as this was only planted in the garden last year as a bare root stock and never envisaged it flowering so well.

Roses van be purchased off the internet from such reputable companies as Style Roses, whom I’ve had dealing with for many years and have had no problems at all. Plus Wyevale Garden Centre as they stock a whole manor of different roses, whether it be a standard, or ground cover, the choice is endless and th rewards are beneficial to all concerned.


A Rose, by any other name

There are so many lovely named Roses to add to your garden, the one shown is called Lots of Love, it is a vibrant red/orange in colour, with a yellow centre and what a lovely gift for a parent and not expensive at all.

Ruby Wedding- is another red variety of rose, the colour is a deep, velvet red and grows to about 3 foot and comes year after year

Amanda – Is a lemon yellow in colour and new to the border and will keep you up to date with its progress during the summer months.

One I must mention is a rose called Charles – it is a red/violet in colour and has a rich and deepness of colour and is certainly talk of the neighbours

The newest rose in the garden is a rose called Kent, which is a ground cover, it is lightly scented and flourishes during the hot weather and inclement.

You can buy the County Roses at Wyevale Garden Centre, as there are so many to choose from, plus there ate the famous David Austin Roses as well, so much choic

There are others to mention, but that will be in a future post.

Roses are not difficult to grow or expensive and should flower within the first year of planting, the only proviso is that during the summer months, remember to dead head as that will encourage more flowers and will flourish into Autumn if not Winter

Osteopermum Daisies, what colour would you choose?

These daisies come in all sorts of colours, these in particular, started off as a cream in colour and now have clearly changed to a mauve or pink in colour.

I would suggest that if you buy a yellow osteopermum daisy, they would look lovely against a white rose, as they would enhance the colour of the rose and bring I to the for.

The other colours include a deep orange that also looks nice against th yellow, and they do spread to enhance the borders and patio areas

You don’t have to replace these daisies either, as thy do come back every year, they are a joy to plat in and watch grow throughout the season, they seem to flourish in extreme heat and extreme cold.

I would strongly recommend these as they also need little watering and draught conditions.

Euphorbia friend or foe?

This bee loving plant, has no place in the garden unfortunately as it brings me out in a rash.

It has been banished from the garden with weed killer, as it also spreads and is hard to get rid of

Others may like this Euphorbia or St Johns Wort, however with a severe reaction I can’t take the risk, even with gloves it can be quite a menace. It may look nice with the bees buzzing round it, but it does spread like wildfire.

Just be careful, if you have a reaction to this, as it can be quite severe and I was laid up for a couple of days, not being able to do anything for a few days

What do you do with leftover banana skins?

I use to throw mine!
Until I read an article in the Daily Express and decided to make banana potash.

This consists of:

Banana skins
A bucket of water

Basically after eating the banana or using it in baking, I put any banana skins in the bucket, with water and just leave it for a few days, as then the magic starts and you have at very little cost, a potash which can be spread round, roses, magnolias, fruit trees.

This is ingenious, I wish I’d thought of this one myself as it would’ve been fun throughout the years.

Why fork out for something, that is relatively easy to do for very little money, plus the benefits and rewards are multiplied and they’ll help the plants grow 10 fold!

What would you plant in your hanging basket?

What would you grow in a hanging basket?
Would you follow the local supermarket and put in similar plants?
Or would you be brave enough to be different and add plants and bulbs so that the basket doesn’t have to be changed during the year.

Me personally, I would plant in lots of spring bulbs in one basket and then during the year, add antirrhinums for height and pansies for colour, plus trailing begonia’s.

In a second basket, I would plant 2 tumbling tomatoes, a red, a yellow, these are then sheltered and produce a vast quantity of tomatoes which can be used for a whole manor of lovely things, including passata, chutney, etc

In a third basket, I would plant strawberries to give maximum impact, picking fresh strawberries during the summer months, is an absolute must, plus it is cheaper than buying them from the supermarkets, although I would suggest getting them from your local Farmers markets to support them

I’d like to know what you would plant in your hanging basket as the possibilities are endless, they can be added to each year

Be bold with flowers or bulbs and try something different, don’t follow the crowd, be you and plant what you feel is right for you

Having problems with slugs and snails

Are your plants being eaten?

Are you despairing as you don’t want to use a pesticide to get rid of slugs and snails?

The answer is quite simple really as there hasn’t been any slugs or snails in the garden for the last couple of years, the reason for this is, down to eggshells and a lovely plant called Nemesia,

Nemesia is a lovely plant that can be bought from any Garden Centre or supermarket and placed either in a border or shade. The colours and varieties are varied and are seen in most magazines. I would recommend the  Framboise, it is a lovely colour, there is also a variety called Berries and Cream, plus Wisley Vanilla.

The fragrance from the Nemesia attracts the slugs and snails, but won’t ham them.

You may think that putting eggshells may well be a old wives tale but I beg to differ as once again, there aren’t any slugs or snails in the garden, so it must be true.

If you have any other ideas for getting rid of slugs or snails, please let me know as I will take it on board